About Me

I worked as an engineer in the construction field for 4 years and spent some time building up a coffee farm in Hawaii before launching an aerial imaging business.

I spent a lot of time in airplanes as a kid, traveling from this side of the world to the other. Following my parents and my dad’s job. France to Singapore to Chicago and India. As the youngest in my family, I also got the privilege of the window seat. I would look out the window for hours. I loved the unique perspective of the world.

I would awe at airshows and dream of being an astronaut like so many other kids, but I found other interests, more grounded ones, and I started studying civil engineering at ASU. After graduating from ASU, I took some time to help my parents build up a Kona coffee farm before working with local phoenix heavy civil contractors.

The part of the work I enjoyed was in the field, where things happen. Collaborating with others to solve a tangible problem appealed to me. I spent more time nose buried in contract specifications or in meeting room chairs than anywhere else.

My interest in flight kept poking up around the jobs site though, through a third-party contractor taking site photos from a helicopter to reading tarmac building plans. I spent as much of my time as I could learning from the people around me using them or working with their data to learn what they did.

I decided I knew the technical side on the ground, and I have a passion for flying so I got my FAA remote pilot certificate and started a phoenix-based drone imaging service.

I love doing good work and I love drones, feel free to reach out if I can help!



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Cell: (201) 981-0061

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