My name is Adrien Orlowski.


I am the founder and owner of Image & More LLC. This also means I’m the videographer, pilot, editor, problem solver, and receptionist.

Moving around the world as a kid, I experienced different cultures from Europe, Asia, and different parts of the United States which opened my eyes to new perspectives, and the floodgates to a lifetime of curiosity. So far, I’ve dabbled in engineering, anthropology, graphic design, and coffee farming. Now I’m combining some of those experiences with this company.


I started my career working as an engineer for local construction firms building infrastructures like high-rises, light rail, and solar farms. I developed an eye for details. I learned a lot of practical skills; Including how to effectively work hard in our summer heat, as well as how to communicate complicated ideas and work collaboratively with a team. This is also where I got my first exposure to drones as tools instead of toys. 

From there I got a camera, my Part 107 license, and started this small production company. With the intent to help both people and businesses solve problems and create content they are proud of through a camera and computer. Drone photography is more than a hobby, but a new perspective.

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